Celebrate it as long as you can


Before the wedding, everyone can do what they like as much as possible. He only decides for himself without hurting anyone, and he often takes it for granted.

But it is equally obvious that a lot will change after the wedding. Then one is no longer responsible for oneself, then one must also accept what one`s partner and offspring want in order for it to work in such a marriage. And it`s not like before.

lahve v ledu

It is no wonder, then, that even those who are looking forward to their wedding want to enjoy something else, and that is why they are so-called `saying goodbye to freedom.` They still indulge in something that they will have to limit after the wedding or that they will even have to forget because they will already live in a different reality.

And how do such people have fun? This is, of course, individual, because everyone enjoys something different. In any case, it is certain that this is not usually boring. That it`s worth it.

And so some of us decide to celebrate it even in a very big way. And he`s heading to Cartagena, Colombia, for example, so that it`s really something that won`t be completely forgotten, that will definitely stay in your memory for the rest of your life, and that will be a mental boost when everyday marriages come.

nalévání vína

And what can one enjoy in Cartagena, Colombia? Why are those who want to `say goodbye to freedom` right before the wedding go there?

There is really a lot of it. Much more than what people would offer in the Czech Republic. You can enjoy it in various entertainment establishments, you can live there in ancient houses, celebrate on islands and boats at sea, you can taste a lot there and maybe experience a bachelorette pajama party that its participants will not forget.

So if you want, take your friends and head to those distances. It`s really worth it there. And not just financially.